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ACT? SAT? PSAT? PARCC? Hold on folks – standardized assessment is going to take you for a ride!




Below is a description of what I currently know regarding both State and District assessments as they pertain to Township High School District 214.  As the state continues to make changes and decisions, so then will this information change as a result.

PARRC, ACT, PSAT, SAT testing timelines are as follows:

PARCC – ELA I and Algebra I

  • Test window: April 5 – April 15, 2015

ACT – At this point, D214 is planning to administer the ACT to juniors.  This might change if the state pays for the SAT.

  • Test Date: April 19

PSAT 8/9 – for 8th grade students

  • Test Dates: Saturday, February 20 and Saturday, February 27

PSAT 8/9 – for 9th grade students

  • Test window: February 22 – March 4

SAT (College Board) – We will only administer this test if the state pays for it.

  • Test Date: April 12