Fred Klonsky


Chicago teachers support student opt out, 2014

Today the IEA Representative Assembly adopted the following:

The IEA supports the right of a parent or guardian to exclude his or child from any or all parts of state and district-level standardized tests, provided the State or school districts are not financially or otherwise penalized if such students are excluded, and supports the right of educators, without suffering from adverse actions regarding their employment or licensure to:

  • discuss the impact of standardized testing with parents and/or guardians,
  • discuss the state and district-level standardized tests with parents or guardians and may inform parents or guardians of their ability to exclude his or her child from state and/or district-level standardized tests,
  • provide a parent or guardian with his or her opinion on whether or not a student would benefit from exclusion from a state  and/or district-level test and that no adverse action or discipline…

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