A heads-up for those who celebrated on February 27, 2015, the pulling of HR 5 (Student Success Act) from a vote before Congress:

Word is that it is slated to return– without change– after Easter.

This means as soon as the week of April 6, 2015. (CORRECTION: April 6th is a House and Senate “work week.” Both House and Senate go back into session the week of April 13th. See 2015 Congressional schedule here.)

As was true of No Child Left Behind (NCLB), one of the major goals of HR 5 is to cement mandatory standardized testing into grades 3 through 8 by tying it to federal education funding to states.

And like NCLB, student test scores are supposed to be incorporated into grading schools.

Here is the Network for Public Education’s (NPE) distilled criticism of HR 5:

There are four crucial issues [regarding HR 5]:

  • Requires that states…

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