Fred Klonsky


I ran into Raise Your Hand’s Wendy Katten at an event this weekend.

She was hoppin’ mad.

The Illinois State Board of Education has been sending letters out to parents. They are acting like school-yard bullies, threatening parents by saying it is against federal law to opt out of PARCC and claiming local schools will lose funding if the do.

These are all lies, of course.

Threatening CPS with a loss of funding seems to be working.

Chicago Public Schools officials are reconsidering their snub of a new, mandatory state exam after being threatened with potentially crippling financial sanctions.

CPS testing administrators received a memo earlier this month telling them to complete security and planning procedures to administer the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers exam in reading and math early next month.

“The status of testing in CPS is still being discussed,” the memo read. “In…

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