Fred Klonsky

“We’re not going to take it.”

– By Mark Stefanik. Mark is a veteran middle school Language Arts teacher. I love it when he finds time to contribute to this site.

For me, it doesn’t get much better than this.

 Up with the pre-dawn light, I grab a book from the nightstand, tiptoe past our sleeping dogs, and head downstairs.  In the kitchen, I brew a pot of coffee.  In the living room, I decide its time to baptize our refurbished fireplace (I had recently conceded that the fireplace, at 117 years old, needed a new damper and some internal mortar work), so I stacked some paper, fatwood, kindling, birch bark, and birch and maple logs and lit her up.

There is definitely an improved airflow, for the flames streak up the flue and remain elongated as the logs begin to smoke.  Soon the maple and birch ignite, but it…

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