Fred Klonsky

Beverley Holden Johns

Bev Johns and me at a 2014 Special Education meeting.

– By Beverley Holden Johns. Bev is a special education advocate and activist and her analysis frequently appears on this site.

Overall, SB 1 proposes NO new money, just a shifting of current money. SB 1 would change all of school funding in Illinois by taking away dedicated funding for special education teachers and other professional personnel.

SB 1 does NOT change the maximum amount of General State Aid (GSA) money that has been in Illinois law since the 2009-2012 school year: $6,119 per pupil. SB 1 would take away special education money and use PART of that money for a block grant and PART of special education money to shift funding from one school district to another.

The one change for special education in SB 1 from SB 16 is that the assumed number of special education students, 13.8…

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