Fred Klonsky

Will Guzzardi

Illinois’s progressive State Representative Will Guzzardi has introduced his first bill.

House Bill 0306.

Guzzardi explained his bill in a Facebook post:

First bill filed. Gives parents the right to opt their students out of standardized testing, a right which students themselves currently have but their legal guardians don’t.

This will make the law internally consistent, and also be a huge boon to the thousands of parents whose kids suffer from severe test anxiety and hate school because of the crazy amount of testing they’re forced to undergo [].

And hopefully it’ll add to the dialogue about the perils of over- and mis-using standardized tests, both of which CPS does in spades.

Cassandre Creswell and More Than a Score, Wendy Katten and RAISE YOUR HAND – CPS Parents for Fair Funding, and the Chicago Teachers Union have all been tremendous advocates on this issue, and I’m excited to take…

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