Fred Klonsky

ACTION Needed: Please contact your State Representative as your current one will vote as late as January (NOT a new State Representative that may be elected in November). Senate Bill 16 unexpectedly passed the Illinois State Senate, and could be amended in the Illinois House and the amended bill could be voted on by the Senate ALL IN ONE DAY.

Please ask your State Representative, “Will you oppose Senate Bill 16, and assure me you will vote NO unless and until it is amended to remove the special education Block Grant and restore Special Education Personnel Reimbursement?”

Please explain to your State Representative’s secretary (if you are unable to speak directly with your Representative) what Special Education Personnel Reimbursement is, why it is important, and how the 13.8 percent cap now in SB 16 will directly harm students, parents, and teachers (see below).

The Executive Board of Illinois CEC on…

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