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Rick Hess of the American Enterprise Institute has written a smart article about the selling of Common Core. Its advocates use similar talking points, he says, but the most frequently heard lack evidence. You will hear these five points not only from corporate executives and Chamber of Commerce types, but from all CCSS supporters.

Hess lists five of what he calls half-truths or exaggerations.

1. He says it is an overstatement to say that the Common Core is “internationally benchmarked.”

2. The standards are not truly “evidence-based.”

3. No one really knows if the CCSS will make students “college and career ready.”

4. Are the standards “rigorous”? Hess writes: ” More often than not, the case for the Common Core’s superiority rests on the subjective judgment of four evaluators hired by the avidly pro–Common Core Thomas B. Fordham Institute. These four hired evaluators opined in 2010 that the Core…

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