Hey Rhee, YOU’RE FIRED!!

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Here we look at the math targets that Michelle Rhee promised DCPS students would reach on the NAEP TUDA from 2007 to 2013. Let’s see how many goals were actually achieved.

First, 8th grade math:

8th grade naep tuda targets math 2007-13

As you can see, Rhee promised that the DCPS average scale score in math for 8th graders would be 256 in 2011 and would be 262 in 2013. Neither goal was reached, because the scores were only 255 in 2011 and 260 in 2013. I drew brown diamonds to indicate NOT reaching the promised goals.

Now let’s look at 4th grade math:

4th grade math naep tuda targets 2007-13Again, as you can see, Rhee and her buddies running DCPS failed to reach the goals that were promised.

So for these four goals, Rhee & Henderson & company are zero for four.

Which means that the running total, so far, is one and a half out of fourteen, which is about 11%…

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