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Reader Lloyd Lofthouse submitted this comment:

“The U.S. public schools are part of the infrastructure of the country. They are as vital—if not more so—than the highways, bridges, waterways, airports, electric grid, water and gas lines, etc.—-infrastructure built mostly by hard working Americans and not by billionaires, who often take credit for what they never sweated or toiled to build.

“Regardless of the cherry picked misinformation and lies of the greedy, power hungry fake education reformers and the fools who believe this swill, history and facts prove that the public schools were the foundation and are still the foundation, the first steps in life of almost every citizen, that made the United States the wealthiest and most powerful country on the planet, the country that helped tip the balance in World War I and win World War II.

“And those public schools have improved steadily for more than a century…

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