Anyone Willing to Run in IL?

Diane Ravitch's blog

Jonathan Pelto, ex-state legislator and prolific blogger, is deciding whether to mount a challenge to Governor Dannell Malloy, based in large part on Malloy’s embrace of the agenda of the privatization movement in Connecticut.

Pelto here describes reactions from friends and foes. 

In my view, this would be an honorable challenge.

Teachers and parents should not vote for a governor–whether it is Malloy or Cuomo–who consistently sides with the billionaires who seek to undermine public education.

Most children in both states attend public schools. Those schools need to be improved and supported, not placed in competition with charter schools that are free to choose students they want and free to push out those they don’t want.

I wish Jon Pelto well and hope that every governor who abandons public education faces a similar challenge.

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